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Fitzherbert Bridge photo by Mr Leonard KeenwardPalmy.Net Services aggregates time-sensitive data from various Palmerston North-related sources, and converts it into useful and up-to-date information.

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Local News > City (City Council)
Second Public Sculpture Planned [ 30-Oct-2007 ]
A second sculpture that will enhance the inner-city will be installed early next year. The sculpture, which will be over five metres high, will be sited close to the Library Quadrant and will add to the impact that the Coleman Mall sculpture has made since it was unveiled last month. The Palmerston North Public Sculpture Trust, which has commissioned both sculptures, intends to install a further eight works in and around the inner-city over the next 10 years.
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Local News > Events (City Council)
Cracker Night for Declaration [ 30-Oct-2007 ]
The inaugural City Council meeting where the new Mayor and Councillors will make their declarations is being held on Monday, November 5. The declarations are the official swearing in of the city?s elected representatives for the next three years. The ceremonial meeting focuses on the declarations, the election of a Deputy-Mayor, the committee structure, an explanation by Legal Counsel, John Annabell, about local government and speeches by CEO, Paddy Clifford and Mayor, Jono Naylor.
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Local News > City (City Council)
Esplanade Master Plan Meeting [ 30-Oct-2007 ]
Draft options for the proposed improvements to the Victoria Esplanade will be presented at a public meeting on Tuesday, November 6, at 7pm at the Community Leisure Centre in Ferguson Street. In recent weeks the City Council has carried out comprehensive public consultation about the future of the Esplanade and the November 6 meeting will be the first opportunity to provide feedback and present the draft options.
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Local News > General (
Mum hurt after man fires gun into house [ 26-Oct-2007 ]
Residents of a quiet Palmerston North street are in shock after a masked gunman blasted a shotgun into a house, leaving a mother with glass embedded in her face. The woman went to answer a banging on the door of her family home in Cloverlea's Geraldine Crescent about 10.15pm on Wednesday, but closed it immediately when she was confronted by a man wearing a balaclava.
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Local News > City (
Car mart shift a smart move [ 26-Oct-2007 ]
Congratulations to Palmerston North City Council staff who have taken a moderate yet effective step against the car-for- sale brigade who mass outside the entrance to Memorial Park at the weekends. This isn't an easy issue to address because it lies within the grey area of what's fair private business and what's unfair private business in a public place.
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